How To Stop A Cough

A cough is basically a symptom of your body’s underlying condition. It is your body’s natural defensive reaction to get rid of impurities that cause your sickness. But if your cough gets worse and is exhausting your body, stopping it sooner is a great relief.

There are many underlying conditions associated with coughing. Coughing may be due to cold or infectious diseases such as bronchitis, pneumonia and other respiratory problems. The best secret to stop coughing in this case is to treat the primary cause of coughing itself. Vitamin C to boost your immune system can prevent its occurrence. Home remedies are natural and easy ways to relieve coughing, but if this symptom persists, you should visit your doctor right away.


7 Effective Ways On How To Stop a Cough

If you’re looking for effective remedies, here are 7 ways on how to stop a cough:

  1. Gargle with warm water.  Warm water with sprinkles of table salt can help soothe coughing.  You can do this by simply measuring 1 teaspoon salt to 1 cup of tepid water. Gargle every morning after you wake up or as needed. In order not to irritate your throat, drinking lukewarm water throughout the day is necessary.
  2. Ginger Magic. A Ginger lozenge is a very good remedy for cough. Basically, you can add a small part of fresh ginger in a hot water every morning to relieve throat irritation and provide instant relief from an acute cough. It is a traditional form of medicine since it does not only relieve coughing but is also use frequently for dyspepsia, constipation, and colic.
  3. Heat Therapy.  Heat therapy is an effective way to rest your body from an exhausting cough. You can take a steam bath or place hot water in a bowl and slowly inhale the steam. This will lighten your lungs and allow mucus to excrete easily.
  4. Avoid irritants. Irritants and allergens can provoke hard coughing. Staying away from smoke, pollen, dust, and irritating disinfectant is the secret. Always be reminded to bring a handkerchief or place a face mask to protect you from various irritants.
  5. Avoid cold drinks and sweets.  Ice-cold old beverages and sweetened desserts are irritating to the throat. They can cause airway constriction and coagulation of mucus secretions that aggravate your cough. If possible save your cravings when your cough stops.
  6. Stay in a warm environment.  Cold air conditioning system may aggravate your symptom. Cold environment constricts the airway and worsens your cough. If possible, you stay away from dry and cold environment to avoid coughing.
  7. Take Medication.  When you cough out green or yellow phlegm, your lungs are basically infected with harmful bacteria. The best remedy for infection is by taking antibiotics as prescribed by your doctor. You can also take Robitussin over the counter to control your cough. It suppresses your cough and expectorates thick mucus secretions for easier breathing.

There are many remedies for cough that works very well depending on the causes and types of cough. Different remedies work in different ways to stop your cough.